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Paulette Cooper has written 23 books plus approximately 1,000 articles, and has won 8 writing awards.* She launched her career as a freelance writer after graduating from Brandeis in 3 years with Honors. She spent a summer at Harvard studying comparative religion, and then completed an M.A. degree in psychology.

Her first major article -- which appeared all over the world -- was the true story of how Paulette spent a week as a (successful) stowaway  in order to write about it.

Her first book, "The Scandal of Scientology", which has become world-famous, is still a classic after 50 years. What she learned about this cult lead to an almost full-time crusade on her part to expose Scientology and help those they were hurt by them at a time when few outsiders knew much about the cult and those who did were afraid to speak out.

The Scientologists retaliated by harassing her for 15 years, including suing her 19 times all over the world, and almost successfully criminally framing her in a bizarre plot titled "Operation Freakout." (All this was the subject of a "60 Minutes" TV Segment).The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.

During this time, Paulette wrote several other books, including the first book on forensic medicine for the layman titled "The Medical Detectives." She also spent years as a part-time travel writer, and wrote a book on destination wedding resorts. Paulette withdrew from the cult-fighting front in 1985, married Paul Noble, and co-wrote four books with her husband. Paulette is still working on new books, and writes two columns for The Palm Beach Daily News.

She currently lives in Palm Beach with Paul and their two teacup shih-tzus, Polo & Peek-a-Boo.

* Paulette's awards include the prestigious Conscience-in-Media Award for "The Scandal of Scientology," a Chicago Dramatists Award for her play "The Perils of Paulette," an Edgar Allen Poe "Special Award" for "The Medical Detectives", the Cat Writers of America Award "Meow Award" for the Best Cat Book, etc.

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